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Television, Film, and Music


The world of entertainment is constantly growing and evolving, including the way people consume that entertainment. As a result, the industry must adapt quickly, and the law is forever in flux. Pierce Law Group strives to anticipate these changes so its clients can focus on what they do best: create. Our clients include actors, directors, screenwriters, producers, and many other industry talents. Our experienced attorneys have drafted and negotiated thousands of agreements for talent, development, production, financing, and distribution, among other areas, Using a holistic approach to counseling, we tailor our services to the specific needs of each project's scope, size, and budget.

Intellectual Property


A client's creative work is often their most valuable asset, yet few take the proper steps to safeguard their intellectual property against others. This not only includes securing a client's own rights, but ensuring that it can enter the marketplace free from any encumbrances or conflicting third party rights. In an age of rapid communication and media consumption, it is increasingly difficult to trace ownership rights for the various protected assets that can unwittingly find their way into one's creative work. Our job as attorneys is to analyze any project, untangle the rights involved, and ensure that all proper steps are taken to ensure that our clients are ready to present their visions to the world.

Defamation & Right of Publicity

Defamation & Right of Publicity

The ability to control and manage a public persona is essential in the entertainment industry, However, maintaining the integrity of one's image and reputation against invasions of privacy, slander, and libel is only one side of the coin - the other side concerns the monetary value of your persona when it is misused by others. To that end, Pierce Law Group not only represents individuals negotiating sponsorships, public appearances, and endorsements, but in pursuing affirmative claims for the unauthorized use of one's name, image, and likeness as well, using negotiation and litigation to help ensure its clients can amplify and control the way they want the world to see them.

Labor & Employment

LAbor & Employment

All businesses, big or small, need to minimize their legal liability and risk. From film producers and distributors to restaurateurs and nightclubs, our attorneys can help assess and optimize the structure of your operations, including the layout of your physical premises or digital storefront, employment policies, types of goods and services sold, corporate form, and so on. From there, we will help you develop the right risk plan, including policy manuals, civil code compliance, permit applications, insurance policies, and more, so you can worry less about liabilities and concentrate on growing your business.

Internet & New Media

Internet & New MEDIA

The rapid, dominant rise of the internet and new technology has presented many challenges that touch on everything from intellectual property protection to free speech. Our attorneys strive to always stay two steps ahead of these challenges, advising clients on the Digital Millennium Copyright Right, the Communications Decency Act, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, and more. In addition, we help clients navigate the complexities of licensing new media, ensuring they obtain all rights necessary to their projects or reap the full value of what they themselves seek to exploit in the marketplace.

Corporate Finance

corporate Finance

At Pierce Law Group, we understand that every creative vision requires sufficient financial backing. In addition to advising clients on entity formation, corporate structure, and maintenance, our attorneys provide comprehensive assistance in navigating the world of corporate finance, including banking, tax incentive finance, senior and mezzanine lenders, and high net-worth equity contributions. Our experience navigating the intersection between finance, production, and distribution allows us to see the big picture in order to anticipate and preemptively address client issues before they arise.